XPE PE foam 3d wall stickers


3D wall stickers are also named XPE PE foam 3d wall stickers or Peel and stick wall panels. It plays an important role in peoples interior design daily life. Quality is of great importance. The material of 3d wall stickers that environmental tasteless polyethylene foam material which can pass SGS environmental certification.


Hangzhou YaoS COOP is a leading producer and manufacturer of 3d wall stickers. We are the best 3d wall stickers suppliers, supply best Creative DIY design with a variety of colors: white, beige, brown, coffee, silver, golden, dark gray, rosy red, green, light blue, dark blue, green, gradient color, etc. OEM Color is available. It can bring you more convenience and comfort, also increase the fun of life.


The performance of 3d wall stickers that Soft and flexible, the better anticollision effect for kids. 3D brick pattern, fine materials, and elegant contours create a simple and pure style. Thick brick pattern plays better sound insulation. Easy installation with self-adhesive.


Easy to clean, Easy to install and uninstall with self-adhesive. If you want to re-decoration, just tear the foam cushion and start a new renovation. The surface is anti-water, so you can use wet scrubbing directly. Convenient and quick.


Long shelf life. As long as the surface is not strongly impacted to damage, the shelf life can be regarded as infinite. We use a corrosion-resistant polyethylene foam material which deterioration does not occur.


Fast Delivery. Hangzhou YaoS COOP has the largest pipeline foam molding machines and high capacity on production which makes 3d wall stickers delivery efficiency is guaranteed.


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